Monday, 20 May 2013

♡ stagecoach serenade ♡

at the back of the bus

on a warm july evening

i kiss your cheek

hazy in the evening sunlight

the bright hue of your pink hair

glows neon

i wind a strand round my finger

pull you in closer

and i know i'm home

before i've even pressed



  1. Hey!

    You probably remember me? I contacted you about your brilliant poetry and published Stagecoach Serenade on Inky. I've actually just started putting together the first ever Inky magazine *actual paper magazine* which will be avaliable online and possibly in some shops depending on how it goes. Anyway it'll be made up of my favourite/readers' favourite Inky posts plus new and exclusive stuff (not to be missed!).
    Your poem Stagecoach Serenade has already had quite a few pageviews and personally I really love it, so I would be delighted to include it in the paper version of Inky, if that's ok with you? You'll still get credit and your blog address, but it's an oppurtunity not to miss in my opinion as only select few bits and bobs are being published.


    Inky Editor