Monday, 3 June 2013

♡ next wednesday night ♡

i am counting down the days
crossing each one off
with the pink pen

i am putting my lipstick on
(red for danger)
(trouble ahead)

i am practicing my smile in the mirror
(too wide)
(too bright)
(too fixed)

i am walking into the room
i am fixing my gaze on you

i am watching as you come over
(forget the introductions)
(i know you better in my head than you know yourself)

i am making eye contact
as we talk about our favourite bands
(palma violets)

i am laughing a little too loudly
as you tell me a rather unfunny story
about your cat

i am watching you walk away
i am watching you snake an arm around her waist

i am watching you
watching her

are you watching me too?


  1. i love this!

    1. thank you!!!! it's one of my favourites too xx

  2. Hey, I just tagged you for the Liebster Award in my last post! :)